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  • High Volume Low Speed HVLS Fans

    20ft High Volume Low Speed Factory Big HVLS Fans Qixiang servo direct drive HVLS fans are produced with 8 protection measures, IP level up to 64, is the unique product of the entire industry. It can create a healthy dry, clean operating environment. It's a ventilation cooling perfect helper for the enterprise. More

  • Silent Industrial Big Ceiling Fans

    12ft 220V Silent Brushless AC Motor Industrial Big Ceiling Fans Industrial Big ceiling fans with 5 streamlined blades produce 1 to 3 grade three dimensional natural wind effect, which can generate 30% more air volume than other similar fans with 6 to 10 blades, covering larger area, better effect, and more safe and durable use. More

  • Cow House Large Industrial Ceiling Fans

    14ft Large Natural Cooling Industrial Ceiling Fans For Cow House Gearless Industrial ceiling fans are the main produsct of Qixiang. HVLS means High Volume and Low Speed. The largest size is 7.2 meters (24 ft) in diameter, the large length is 3400mm. HVLS Industrial Fan is scientific by it's five blades (odd number blade make itself become more self-balancing), and the shape of bird wing making it high volume ,low voice, and in line with fluid mechanics principle. More

  • Outdoor Brushless Big HVLS Fans

    Qixiang Brushless Direct Drive Big HVLS Fans For Outdoor Airpole fan is a new type of gearless PMSSM HVLS fans, both use indoor and outdoor, can be customized as a movable or fixed base. It's very convenient and it can improve your image. More

  • Big Places Large Industrial Mobile Fans

    Best Price Large Industrial Mobile Fans Used For Big Places Large industrial mobile fans is a new type of floor industrial fan, around 2 meters diameter, can moved to anywhere you need. It also can adjust to different direction, applicable to any heavy industrial environment. More

Guangzhou Qixiang Industry Co., Ltd established in 2006, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of HVLS industrial ceiling fans, gearless direct drive PMSSM HVLS ceiling fans, industrial doors and dock leveler.

industrial ceiling fans factory

We have registered "Qixiang Brand Trademark". In addition, we have passed I S O 9 0 0 1: 2 0 0 8 certification  CE, RoHS certification. After years of efforts, there are offices and after-sales service centers in all provinces of the country, covering the whole country and overseas markets, with more than 100 well-known enterprise customers, such as SAIC GM Wuling, FAW Volkswagen, GAC Hino, Pepsi China, Foxconn Group, Panasonic, Midea Group and the South Logistics Group so on. Our products are popular in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central America, South Africa as well as European countries.

For more than 10 years,we have never been stagnant because of excellence. Along with the first generation of HVLS fans, we have never suspended the pace of innovation. Our technology, safety and innovation always lead the industry.

We have never forgotten our initial intentions, and continue to innovate and update, thus to have the revolution of a new generation of product-gearless direct drive PMSSM HVLS ceiling fans.

Just imagine, the high volume low speed fan, quietly changes your working environment, covering a range of 1450m2 with the power consumption of less than 1KWH, which can improve the production efficiency, the safety as well as the energy reservation, totally bring you the ultimate refreshing comfort experience. It is the airflow also the cash flow.

The fan is here right now, let’s witness when we meet.

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