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Dairy HVLS Fans has come to the market |

  • 2020-08-17

Heat Stress: an underestimated issue for dairy cows !

Heat stress has become one of the major concerns for the dairy industry today. Dairy cattle have a comfort zone of 41 to 68 F°. According to the study it is found that when a cow suffers from heat stress they experience heat-induced depression of feed intake and lower productivity. To cope with the heat, cows increase their breathing rate and water intake. But there is a decrease in feed intake, milk production, change in the milk composition and blood hormone concentration like increased prolactin which effects the quality and quantity of the milk.

Some heat stresses are unavoidable, but the effects of these stresses can be minimized if certain management practices are which are economical and practical.

HVLS Fan Solutions for dairy farm ventilation

In 1998, dairy farmers were looking for a way to cool their cows and reduce heat stress. Air-conditioning was too expensive and it was impossible to run the ductwork in the barns. Small barn fans helped, but did not cover a wide enough area, consumed excessive and costly energy, and required ongoing maintenance. Engineers based at a fan manufacturer created a huge unit with blades spanning 7.3 m (24 ft) instead of the typical 1.5 m (5 ft). To offer a gentle breeze, the fan speed was a fraction of that of small fans. Thus, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans were born.

Contrary to popular belief, not all‘large fans’—defined in U.S.

Benefits of HVLS Fans in Dairy Farms

Let’s look at some ways an HVLS cow fan can help your herd—and your bottom line.

1.Boost milk production. They can help in increasing milk production by cooling the environment. When the cows are in cooler temperature the milk production is improved.

2.Reduce operating costs. University of Wisconsin-Madison estimates the typical Wisconsin dairy farm would save $658 per year by replacing conventional fans with HVLS dairy farm fans.

3.Lower feed costs in winter. Run in reverse, our fans help keep barns warmer by pushing warm air from the rafters to cow level. Warmer cows eat less in winter, saving you money on feed.

4.Improve cow respiratory health. Respiratory disease is a serious profit drain for dairymen. HVLS fans keep barn air fresh to keep cows heathier and reduce the spread of airborne pathogens.

5.Better hoof health. The evaporative effect of an HVLS dairy farm fan helps keep bedding dry.

6.Fewer hazards in the barn. HVLS fans are installed overhead, so no pedestal fans to knock over or cords to trip over. They don’t run as fast, either, so their motors aren’t likely to get hot or create a fire hazard.

7.Bye-bye pesky flies. HVLS barn fans provide a steady airflow that helps to whisk away flies without creating noisy or overly windy conditions that might stress the cows.


Dairy farm yields desirable outcomes from the setting up of HVLS fans, with past success in improving animal comfort, improving the quality of air and reducing diseases.Here we newly lanuched the 17ft size  premium 5-blade HVLS fan series that is specially designed for dairy farm use. The fan operates at a speed of 80 rpm (17’diameter). The fans are ideal to be used in poultry and livestock barns to provide supplemental cooling of the animals by increasing air circulation and air velocity in the barn.

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