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Qixiang Industrial ceiling fans, safety, ventilation, energy saving!

  • 2020-02-17

Happy New Year to you! In 2020, Qixiang will continue to give you the best service and the best industrial ceiling fans for you, please rest assured to choose Qixiang!

Qixiang large ceiling fan

I believe you are also aware of the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia during the Chinese New Year in 2020. At present, the Chinese government is taking the most powerful measures and everything is under control. Life is normal in most parts of China, with only a few cities like Wuhan was greatly affected. I'm sure everything will return to normal soon. This is also a challenge for Chinese people companies.

For industrial big fan, what we see is more directions and opportunities. The outbreak also let people know more about the importance of ventilation.  Industrial ceiling fan can solve the problem of ventilation of warehouse and  workshop.

All staff of Qixiang company are safe and healthy because of our strong sense of self-protection. Our company has been approved by the  government to resume to work, so we were back to work in office on February 14th. We will also create more better service schemes to  support you so that we can go further together.

Thanks for all of you. Life is treasure! Qixiang industrial ceiling fan can provide a healthy life for you. And it is a healthy and public cause, we will go on in the future.

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