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Ventilation and cooling Industrial HVLS ceiling fans designed for large places

  • 2020-04-06

Industrial HVLS ceiling fan with widely used

I believe you know the standing fan, ceiling fan, air conditioner. But do you know the HVLS(high volume low speed) ceiling fan?

 HVLS ceiling fan

Here I am going to tell you where will use the fans more.

(1)Industrial Use:
Application to factory buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, aircraft hangars, airports, large production areas, factory work spaces, Logistics and Warehouse Centers, welding, machining and extrusion work areas.

(2)General Use:

Places of worship, mosques, churches, malls, halls, sports areas, shopping centers, atriums, hockey arenas, indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, big-box stores (department stores, hypermarkets), and car dealers are common.

Industrial HVLS ceiling fans

For more than 10 years, we have never been stagnant because of excellence. Along with the first generation of industrial HVLS ceiling fans, we have never suspended the pace of innovation. Our technology, safety and innovation always lead the industry.

We have never forgotten our initial intentions, and continue to innovate and update, thus to have the revolution of a new generation of product - gearless direct drive PMSSM HVLS ceiling fan.

Just imagine, the high volume low speed fan, quietly changes your working environment, covering a range of 1450 ㎡ with the power consumption of fewer than 1 KWH, which can improve the production efficiency, the safety as well as the energy reservation, totally bring you the ultimate refreshing comfort experience. It is the air flow also the cash flow. The fan is here right now, let’s witness when we meet.

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